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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Expresso - a Great Regular Expression Tool

Hi All

This one is for all you guys who are tired of pressing F5 over and over in Visual studio just to see if you got the Regular expression right, I know got tired of it and that's how i found this tool.

Introducing Expresso the "Visual Studio of Regular Expression":

You can Download it free of charge from here:


After you install it and run check the help section, there's a very useful tutorial there. basically your screen is split into four: Top left corner is where you type in the pattern you are looking for, top right is the analyzer which compiles the pattern on the left as you type it, bottom left is the actual text you are parsing and on the bottom right are the matches your pattern turned out. In order to check for matches you just have to click "Run Mach" which is located just above the top left window. you can try and use my other example for regular expressions (http://dev102.blogspot.com/2007/12/regular-expressions.html) on Expresso to check how it works.

The most important thing is that after you are satisfied with the results click on Tools->View Code and Viola, on the bottom right you get the actual C# code for your application


Comment if you have any questions



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